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Work Out Intelligently!

PILATES is a conditioning system that improves muscle tone, balances musculature and builds flexibility. It emphasizes spinal alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, and improving balance. It supports correct posture, and teaches us to move with ease and grace. 

THE GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is a unique movement practice with training exercise sequences composed of spiraling, circular movements. The exercises allow the joints to move through an expansive range of motion without compression. The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® carefully crafts sequences to create balance, efficiency, strength and flexibility.

For your safety and health, Body Chemistry Studio is "Socks Mandatory" studio. 

GYROTONIC®, GYROTONIC® EXPANSION SYSTEM are registered trademarks of GYROTONIC® Sales Corp and are used with their permission. www.gyrotonic.com



I've been so impressed with the expertise of the Body Chemistry teaching staff, they are by far my favorite pilates studio in their city. I've absolutely loved every class I've taken. Well done and thanks for your expertise!

Selena S.

I am very picky about my pilates reformer classes and I love Body Chemistry Studio. They have a classic style - no weights or odd machines, just challenging workouts. And the studio has a great vibe. It's warm and welcoming (and in a beautiful space). 

Catherine T.

Body Chemistry is such a pilates gem! Gorgeous studio with highly skilled instructors. Artemis, the owner, is definitely one of the best teachers in SF. She makes pilates fun, beneficial, challenging, and addictive. I always leave her class feeling inspired, energized, and strong. I've been taking Pilates classes for over 12 years and highly recommend this studio.

Jess L.



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201 Guerrero St, San Francisco, CA 94103